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Fundraising Opportunity - As a Leader in Jewelry Fundraising we have helped many hospitals raise thousands of dollars for the charity of their choice. You provide the location, we take it from there. We do all the setup and selling, you are not required to work the sale, but are welcome to help if you want, regardless your charity will receive a generous percentage of the total sale proceeds. We will excite your employees and community by providing them an opportunity to get quality products while contributing to an excellent cause. We will work with you to set up payroll deductions if that is something that your hospital offers as an option - this is an excellent way to increase your fundraising profits.

Marketing Materials - We provide you with materials including color flyers, table tents and posters for your facility. This will help maximize attendance and fundraising potential at your sale.

Fabulous Fashion Jewelry & Accessories
Jewelry and Accessories 30% to 70% below Department Store prices!

Violet Marvel celebrates 50 years of volunteer service as she views product at our Bayhealth's Milford, Delaware show.

Guarantee - We stand behind every item that we sell. If you have an employee or customer that has any issues with our products we will gladly replace them with the same or similar product.

Partnership - We strive to ensure that your fundraising experience is FUN and profitable to your organization. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the merchandise, service, and results of your sale. We assure you that your employees and visitors alike will be saying "this is the best fundraising event you have had, we want Indesign Fundraising back."

Professionalism - We have fundraising teams throughout the U.S. who take great pride in their business and present themselves in a professional manner during every event from the time they enter the hospital to the time they leave.

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Indesign Fundraising
A sampling of some of our products
(Products shown may not be available at all shows)